„day of diversity“ Stralsund – „together against racism“

„day of diversity“ Stralsund – „together against racism“

from 14:00 demonstration
The opening rally starts at 1:45 pm in Bahnhofstrasse, and the demo ends at the Neuer Markt. There will be various speeches, i.a. on the topics of right-wing structures and youth work.

from 15:00 day of diversity
Neuer Markt: Clubs for leisure activities, advice, culture and education introduce themselves.Here you will find booths, contacts, information material, speeches, craft tables, foodand drinks, stage with live bands, u. v. m.

Be there and join in!
The day of action begins with a demonstration at 2:00 pm at the central station (Bahnhofstr.), The Frankenvorstadt, to the Festival of Diversity on the Neuer Markt. Several short speeches will provide information on right-wing violence and structures in MV, help for those affected, structural racism, as well as the situation and opportunities of youth work.
In addition, it should be about whether and how a strengthening of youth work (open offers, clubs, open spaces) can counteract the growing right-wing structures.The festival  of diversi ty at 3:00 pm on the Neuer Markt is a good place to start for long-time residents and newcomers, parents, young people and children. Here are differentAssociations and institutions offer their leisure time activities, advice and assistance, as well as support for migrants. Of course, everyone who wants to get involved is also welcome.


family activities, such as crafting for children, will accompany the program. For fun and the physical well-being is ensured.
Regional and national bands can present themselves on the concert stage. In addition, there will be speeches So we end the eventful day together.

What does the action alliance want to achieve?

On the one hand, the purpose of the Day of Action is to uncover the development of right-wing structures, propaganda and violence, to raise public awareness, as well as to oppose this and to offer h elp to victims. On the other hand, it is important to draw attention to the lack of space and services for young people and how we can strengthen their breadth and effectiveness. Youth work has been carried out in Stralsund in recent decades, as well as in other cities in MVmassively

saved politics, for example, almost all youth clubs disappeared! As a result, there are hardly any opportunities to reach young people who, bored, lack of prospects,
Childhood and youth depression, neglect to addictive behavior, violence or suicidal thoughts suffer.

We support local social structures by linking culture with political education. That is why we primarily draw on promoters and actors of youth and youth social work, politics,
as well as associations, citizens‘ initiatives, charitable, solidarity, other non-commercial projects and volunteers.

What the action alliance calls!

We demand from the city and the country finally to invest more in open offers of youth work!
It needs sufficient and qualified staff! The state authorities must inform and name right-wing acts of violence!
Also important are free spaces that can be designed by young people themselves!
There, their development is promoted by the practical learning of a fair and equal community (democratic) behavior. This ultimately benefits the whole
Society (including the city and the country). In this context, rehabilitation of delinquent youth and young adults should be mentioned as well as help for people with migration experience who often struggle with structural racism.

Do you want to participate in the action day? Then write to:aktionstag@systemausfall.org
Therefore let us set a strong signal together!
For a colorful Stralsund for all!
„Aktionsbündnis Tag der Vielfalt Stralsund“

Flyer? aktionstag[at]systemausfall.org !

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– update! – 14. April: Tag der Vielfalt – gemeinsam gegen rechte Gewalt in Stralsund